KODIAG - CD Marathon

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KODIAG-Album#2 "Heilige Flamme" Pre order / Crowdfunding


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Would you like to know if your guitar is compatible with the String Butler? Find out. Just search for your guitar in our Guitar-Base.

Guitar player of Bon Jovi & The Drills 

San Diego, USA. July 6, 2018 - Brent Hinds of Mastodon perfoms at the CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre 


Picture by "Rishi Deka" / visual journalist from San Diego, California
www.rishideka.com https://profiles.ucsd.edu/rishi.deka https://instagram.com/rishi_the_refined


Jack Edwards of PISTON

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Outstandig seller & an excellent product. My String Butler arrived in Ohio in just 9 Days. In the short time I've had it installed my Les Paul Custom has had a better tuning stability than it has ever had before. Thanks Sven!
- Steven D. on Reverb -

Item arrived quickly from overseas and works very well
- Beau A. on Reverb -

Hey Sven, I have the String Butler installed and I love it. There is a vast improvement to the tuning when I use my trem system. I will spread the word to my fellow musicians. I also run a guitar repair shop so I will recommend this to anyone with tuning issues. Thanks

- Brad -

Just fitted it to my Chord Legend 59, wow what a difference, superb, now stays in tune after bending, will be fitting on my other three guitars.

- Tony R. on Facebook -

Awesome idea, just installed three on my SG's and LP.No more nut binding and the G actually stays in tune even after heavy bends...

- Micheal G. on Facebook -