Assembly instructions


Thank you for purchasing the Dietrich Parts „Easy B-Bender“.

This very simple and easy to install B-Bender system allows you to use the original Nasville Country Pedal Steel sound on guitars with tailpiece stopbars.



- remove all strings from your guitar

- remove the Tailpiece-Stopbar but leave the manufacturer's original tailpiece screws (4) in the guitar body

- Take the „Easy B-Bender“ out of the packaging and place it on the Tailpiece Stopbar position

- Now fix it with the small grub screws(6) on the side of the „Easy B-Bender“ until it is tight (if the original Tailpiece screws(4) from the guitar manufacturer have too large tolerances, you can provide additional stability with the additional grub screws on the rear end of the „Easy B-Bender“ However, this is not necessary for most manufacturers). The socket wrench that fits the grub screw with hexagon socket is included in the packaging.

- pull the strings through the holes as with the original Tailpiece and thread the B-string through the small hole on the lever of the „Easy B-Bender“.

- Tune all the guitar strings to the desired tuning

- now turn the String Bender Arm(9) of the „Easy B-Bender“ in a position towards the guitar neck

- Please only press the lever(9) of the „Easy B-Bender“ from above to bend the tone of the B-string! The lever(9) cannot be pulled up and can damage the lever if you pull hard.

- Move the lever(9) down a few times and slowly get used to how the lever(9) works

it can happen that the whole tone interval from B to C-sharp (C#) is already set correctly after assembly. As a rule, however, the fine adjustment of the interval must be set using the intonation screw / tuning screw(1) on the lever(9) of the „Easy B-Bender“

- if you turn the tuning screw(1) in the centering device to the right, the interval decreases to about a semitone (small second)

- If you turn the tuning screw(1) anti-clockwise, the interval increases. Please do not select an interval that is too large above a whole step (major second) so that the guitar string is not broken. -Depending on the manufacturer, the guitar string can withstand more or less tensile forces

-To play your usual playing techniques, such as muted passages with the heel of your hand on the guitar bridge, simply turn the lever(9) of the „Easy B-Bender“ to the side so that it doesn't get in the way while playing.


If you transport the guitar in a case, make sure beforehand that the „Easy B-Bender“ is not pressing on the lid of the guitar case. If this is the case, please remove the „Easy B-Bender“ tuning screw(1) and keep the screw safe so that it does not get lost.


Have fun with the „Easy B-Bender“ and good luck with the music.

  Sven Dietrich from Dietrich Parts 


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Outstandig seller & an excellent product. My String Butler arrived in Ohio in just 9 Days. In the short time I've had it installed my Les Paul Custom has had a better tuning stability than it has ever had before. Thanks Sven!
- Steven D. on Reverb -

Item arrived quickly from overseas and works very well
- Beau A. on Reverb -

Hey Sven, I have the String Butler installed and I love it. There is a vast improvement to the tuning when I use my trem system. I will spread the word to my fellow musicians. I also run a guitar repair shop so I will recommend this to anyone with tuning issues. Thanks

- Brad -

Just fitted it to my Chord Legend 59, wow what a difference, superb, now stays in tune after bending, will be fitting on my other three guitars.

- Tony R. on Facebook -

Awesome idea, just installed three on my SG's and LP.No more nut binding and the G actually stays in tune even after heavy bends...

- Micheal G. on Facebook -