Easy B-Bender System by Dietrich Parts

Notice! Only for guitars with a tailpiece stopbar!

Easy to install by just swapping out your tailpiece and just popping in our combination B Bender Tailpiece. You can easily adjust for semi or whole tone B bends.

The "Easy B-Bender" system by Dietrich Parts Replacement tailpiece for LP-style guitars 1. Assembly - remove all strings from your guitar - remove the original tailpiece from your guitar - insert the B-Bender tailpiece into the screws of the tailpiece holder - re string by starting with the lowest string up to the G string - guide the B-string through the hole of the rocker of the tremolo bar attachment - guide the B-string over the saddle lug of the bridge and attach the B-string as always to the tuner mechanism on the headstock - tune the guitar as usual to the preferred tuning (standard tuning: E / A / D / G / B / E) TUNING TIP If you desire for a whole tone bend. Tune all strings in standard pitch. Fret the D note on B string 3rd fret. Sound this note then depress the Easy B-Bender trem ( Lever ) arm all the way then sound the high E string. Both notes should sound in unison. If not then repeat the process and adjust the thumb screw for fine tuning of the B string. If you desire half step bends repeat the process above but start from the Eb note on the B string 4th fret. - turn the lever to a position parallel to the strings - First carefully press the lever downwards towards the top of the body - WARNING ! Do not pull the lever upwards away from the body! Pulling too hard will damage the trem arm ( Lever ) and void warranty. Easy B-Bender is only designed to drop the pitch downward by pressing down on the trem ( Lever ) - You only have to turn the knurled tuning screw a little to set the desired interval of a whole tone step or half a tone step. Check the tuning of the B-string until the tone C # or C is reached. - so that the tuning remains stable, the tone must be fixed with the knurled tuning screw by adding or removing a washer under the knurled tuning screw. Finer fixations can be achieved by using a felt washer from the tool set. - To achieve great tuning stability, it is recommended to use a String Butler on the headstock and / or to install a roller bridge or saddle. - After playing with the B-Bender, the handle can be turned back into the storage position. - Frequent use of the B-bender and moving the lever can loosen the stop nuts and screws a little. The tools required for this are in the tool set. In order to extend the service life of the PVC washers, the screws and lock nuts should not be over-tightened.

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       The "Easy B-Bender" system by Dietrich Parts

          Replacement tailpiece for LP-style guitars


Assembly and operating instructions 


  • - Remove all the strings from your guitar 

  • - Remove the existing stop tailpiece  

  • - Position the Easy B-Bender ( EBB)  at the position of the original tailpiece 

  • - With Gibson® Guitarsthe EBB fits perfectly into the original Gibson® screws of the tailpiece. 

  • - With Epiphone® guitars there sometimes are deviations in the size of the anchor screws in your tailpieceIf the EBB does not     fit your anchor screws with Epiphone® guitarswe have included 2 replacement anchor screws. - - -    - Just swap out the original anchor screws and replace them with the 2 included with your EBB. 


  • When the EBB is plugged in, all guitar strings are inserted from behind through the holes in the EBB tailpiece and, for the B stringinsert through the hole in the rocker of the lever. Tune your Strings up to pitch. As with all new guitar stringsit takes a while for the string material to stretch and become tunable. 


To adjust the interval of the B-bender, 


Note : The bender is preset to a narrow tone interval (B bend to C #). If the interval is not exactly right (use a chromatic tuner for this!).  You can adjust using the fine tuning screwTo decrease the tuning pitch, turn the screw a little clockwiseTo increase the tuning pitch, turn the screw just a little counter-clockwise. Do not remove the washers as by removing the washers it will prevent EBB to achieve desired interval bends of ½ or whole tone.  It will take a while until the interval is set exactly and the tuning remains stableOnce the EBB has been optimally fixedthere is little need for readjustment. 


If you do not have a chromatic tuner then follow this method 

  • tune the guitar as usual to the preferred tuning (standard tuning: E / A / D / G / B / E) 

TUNING TIP: If you desire for a whole tone bend. Tune all strings in standard pitch. Fret the D note on B string 3rd fret. Sound this note then depress the Easy B-Bender trem ( Lever ) arm all the way down then sound the high E string. Both notes should sound in unison. If not then repeat the process and adjust the fine tuning screw of the B string.  If you desire half step bends repeat the process above but start from the Eb note on the B string 4th fret. 


  • If the EBB tailpiece moves a little when bendingthe tailpiece can be fixed more stably by screwing one of the tailpiece screws in towards the body and unscrewing the other screw out of the body. 

  • If you want to play with the guitar without using the EBB, you can simply place the lever counterclockwise over the tailpiece. So you can play the guitar without the EBB getting in the way. 

  • If the lever of the EBB is used very frequentlythe lever may loosen a littleTo tighten the leverplease use the small open-end wrench and screwdriver from the tool set. The screw on which the lever can be moved should be screwed in tight as far as it will goYou can use the open-end wrench to tighten the lock nut and counter the screw with the screwdriver. 


For a more comfortable feeling on the palm of your hand that is used for depressing the leveryou should attach the strip of foam rubber to the tip of the leverSimply peel the film off the underside of the foam rubber and stick it on the lever. 

There are still some spare parts such as felt pads and washers included should they ever wear out you can replace. The washers are color coded for easy referenceIf parts of the EBB are lost or further replacement is necessaryplease contact Dietrich Parts or the distributor in your region. 

Have fun with the Easy B-Bender and the new possibilities on guitars with tailpiece hardware! 



Important information on the assembly and operation of the Easy B-Bender system


  • Before assembling the Easy B-Bender, screw the two screws of the tailpiece into the guitar body as far as they will go.


  • Always push the lever of the Easy B-Bender down towards the guitar body. Do not pull the lever of the Easy B-Bender upwards away from the body of the guitar! The lever could be damaged if pulled in the wrong direction.


  • If you are transporting your guitar in a case with the Easy B-Bender installed, please make sure there is enough clearance when closing your guitar case. If there is not enough clearance remove the tuning screw from the Easy B-Bender and keep the screw in the compartment for accessories of the guitar case.



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Outstandig seller & an excellent product. My String Butler arrived in Ohio in just 9 Days. In the short time I've had it installed my Les Paul Custom has had a better tuning stability than it has ever had before. Thanks Sven!
- Steven D. on Reverb -

Item arrived quickly from overseas and works very well
- Beau A. on Reverb -

Hey Sven, I have the String Butler installed and I love it. There is a vast improvement to the tuning when I use my trem system. I will spread the word to my fellow musicians. I also run a guitar repair shop so I will recommend this to anyone with tuning issues. Thanks

- Brad -

Just fitted it to my Chord Legend 59, wow what a difference, superb, now stays in tune after bending, will be fitting on my other three guitars.

- Tony R. on Facebook -

Awesome idea, just installed three on my SG's and LP.No more nut binding and the G actually stays in tune even after heavy bends...

- Micheal G. on Facebook -